Drug of choice(Doc) in Medicine

Drug of Choice(Doc) for Different Diseases:-

1.Doc for PCM poisoning :- N acetylecystine (mucomyst)

2.Doc for Acute Asthma:- Salbutamol

3.Doc for Chronic Asthma:- Salmetrol

4.Doc for bipolar disorder:- Lithium

5.Doc for acute mania:-Haloperidol

6.Doc for chronic mania:-Lithum

7.Doc for hyperkalamia:- Kayxalate/sodium natropuroside/insuline+dextrose

8.Doc for Ketoacidosis:- Insuline+dextrose

9.Doc for Asthma:-Montalucast

10.Doc for Digitalis Toxicity:-Digibind

11.Doc for Acute migraine:-Sumatripatan

12.Doc for ADHD:-Methylphenidate(Amphetamine)

13.Doc for Alzeihmers disease:-Tacrine/donepzil/Rivastigmine

14.Doc for Myasthenia gravis:-Neostigmine

15.Doc for Anaphylactic Shock:-Adrenaline

16.Doc for Hyperthyroidism in pregnancy/Lactation:-Propylthiouracil

17.Doc for Atonic Seizures:-Sodium valproate

18.Doc for Febrile Seizures:-Diazepam

19.Doc for Central Diabetic Insipidus:-Vasoprassin/desmopressin

20.Doc for Chemotherapy induced vomiting:-Ondasteron

21.Doc for chloroquine resistant malaria:-Quinine

22.Doc for cholera:Tetracycline

23.Doc for Chese reaction:-Phentolamine

24.Doc for Acute Gout:-Indomethacin

25.Doc for Chronic Gout:-Allopurinol

26.Doc for complicated Malaria:-Artesunate

27.Doc for Depression:-Any of SSRI drug(Citalopram,

28.Doc for disease modifying anti Rheumatic drug(DMARD):-Methotrexate

29.Doc for drug induced parkinson disease:-Benzhexol

30.Doc of Muscle relaxant for Endotracheal intubation:-Succinylcholine

31.Doc for severe Depression:-ECT

32.Doc for Enteric Fever:-Ceftrixone

33.Doc for Epilepsy in pregnancy:-Lamotrigine

34.Doc for BPH(Benign prostate hypertrophy):-Prozosin

35.Doc for herpes:-Acyclovir

36.Doc for rheumatic fever:-Benzathaine penicilline

37.Doc for MI:-Asprine

38.Doc for Malaria:-Chloroquine

39.Doc for hypertensive emergency:-Sodium nitroprusside

40.Doc for hypertension in pregnancy:-Lobetalol

41.Doc for Eclampsia:-Mgso4

42.Doc for Hypothyroidism:-Levothyroxin

43.Doc for hypovolemic Shock:-IV fluids

44.Doc for Methanol poisoning:-Fomepizole

45.Doc FOR Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus :- Vencomycin

46.Mydriatic of choice in Adults:-Tropicamide

47.Mydriatic of choice in children:-Atropine

48.Doc for syphillis:-Benzathine penicilline

49.Doc for noctural enuresis :- Desmopressin/imipramine

50.Doc for obsessive compulsive disorders:-SSRIdrug(Citalopram,

51.Doc for oral hypoglycemic drug in obese :- metformine

52.Doc for oral hypoglycemic drug in thin:-Sulfonylureas

53.Doc for cardiogenic Shock:-Dobutamine

54.Doc for cardiogenic Shock with Oligourea:-Dopamine

55.Doc for Status Epilepticus:-Mgso4

56.Doc for prevent surgical site infection:-Cefazolin

57.Doc for patent ductus arteriosus:-Indomethacin

58.Doc for PPH:-Carbaprost

59.Doc for Anovulation:-Clomiphene Citrate

60.Doc for Parkinson disease:-Levodopa+carbdopa

61.Doc for hyperprolactinemia:-Bromocriptine

62.Doc for safest ATT Drug in pregnancy:-Rifampicin

63.Doc for Vertical Transmission:-Nevirapine

64.Doc For Delirium Tremens:-Diazepam

65.Doc For Drug Induced Parkinsonism:-Benzhexol

66.Doc For Diacumarol Poisoning:-Vit-K

67.Doc For Type-1 Lepra Reaction:-Steroids

68.Doc For Type- 2 Lepra Reaction:-Thalidomide

69.Doc For Allergic Contect Dermatitis:-Steroids

70.Doc For PSVT- 1st-Adenosine, 2nd-Verapamil, 3rd-Digoxin

71.Doc For Z-E Syndrome:- Proton Pump Inhibitor

72.Doc For Chancroid:-Cotrimoxazole

73.Doc For Dermatitis Herpetiformis:-Dapsone

74.Doc For Spastic Type of Cerebral Palsy:-Diazepam

75.Doc For Herpis Simplex Keratitis:-Trifluridine

76.Doc For Herpes Simplex Orolabialis:-Pancyclovir

77.Doc For Neonatal Herpes Simplex:-Acyclovir

78.Doc For Pneumocystis carinii Pneumonia:- Cotrimoxazole

79.Doc For MRSA Infection:-Vancomycin

80.Doc For Malaria in Pregnancy:-Chloroquine

81.Doc For Whooping Cough or Perteusis:- Erythromycin

82.Doc For Kawasaki disease:-IV Ig

83.Doc For Warferin Overdose:-Vit-K

84.Doc For Heparin Overdose:-Protamine

85.Doc For hairy Cell Leukemia:-Cladirabine

86.Doc For Dermatitis Herpetiformis:-Dapsone

87.Doc For Spastic Type of Cerebral Palsy:-Diazepam

88.Doc For Herpis Simplex Keratitis:-Trifluridine

89.Doc For Herpes Simplex Orolabialis:-Pancyclovir

90.Doc For Neonatal Herpes Simplex:-Acyclovir

91.Doc For Pneumocystis carinii Pneumonia:- Cotrimoxazole

92.Doc For Nodulo Cystic Acne:-Retinoic acid

93.Doc For Trigeminal Neuralgia:-Carbamezapine

94.Doc For Actinomycosis:-Penicillin

95.Doc For Plague:- Streptomycin

96.Doc For Opioid Withdrawal:- Methadone 2nd-Clonidine

97.Doc For Alcohol Withdrawal:- Chlordiazepoxide 2nd-Diazepam

98.Doc For Post Herpetic Neuralgia:- Fluphenazine

99.Doc For WEST Syndrome:-ACTH

100.Doc For Diabetic Diarrhoea:- Clonidine

101.Doc For Lithium Induced Neuropathy:-Amiloride

102.Doc for Paracetamol poisoning :- acetyl cysteine

103.Doc for acute bronchial-asthma :- salbutamol

104.Doc for acute gout :- NSAIDS

105.Doc for acute hyperkalemia:- calcium gluconate

106.Doc for severe DIGITALIS toxicity :-DIGIBIND

107.Doc for acute migraine :- sumatriptan

108.Doc for cheese reaction :- phentolamine

108.Doc for atropine poisoning :- physostigmine

109.Doc for cyanide poisoning :- amyl nitrite

110.Doc for benzodiazepine poisoning:- flumazenil

111.Doc for cholera :- tetracycline

112.Doc for KALA-AZAR :- lipozomal amphotericin- B

113.Doc for iron poisoning :- desferrioxamine

114.Doc for MRSA :- vancomycin

115.Doc for VRSA :- LINEZOLID

116.Doc for warfarin overdose :- vitamin-K (NIPER- 2009)

117.Doc for OCD :- fluoxetine

118.Doc for alcohol poisoning :- fomepizole

119.Doc for epilepsy in pregnency :- phenobarbitone

120.Doc for anaphylactic shock :- Adrenaline

121.Doc for MRSA Infection:-Vancomycin

122.Doc for Malaria in Pregnancy:-Chloroquine

123.Doc for Whooping Cough or Perteusis:- Erythromycin

124.Doc for Kawasaki disease:-IV Ig

125.Doc for Warferin Overdose:-Vit-K

126.Doc for Heparin Overdose:-Protamine

127.Doc for Hairy Cell

128.Doc for Multiple Myeloma’- Melphalan

129.Doc for CML:-Imatinib

130.Doc for Wegner’s granulomatosis:-Cyclophosphamide

131.Doc for HOCM:- Propranolol

132.Doc for PSVT:-

133.Doc for Dermatitis Herpetiformis:-Dapsone

134.Doc for Spastic Type of Cerebral Palsy:-Diazepam

135.Doc for Herpis Simplex Keratitis:-Trifluridine

136.Doc for Herpes Simplex Orolabialis;-Pancyclovir

137.Doc for Neonatal Herpes Simplex:-Acyclovir

138.Doc for Pneumocystis carinii Pneumonia:-Cotrimoxazole For Nodulo

139.Doc for Cystic Acne:-Retinoic acid

140.Doc for Trigeminal Neuralgia:-Carbamezapine

141.Doc for Actinomycosis:-Penicillin

142.Doc for Plague:- Streptomycin

143.Doc for Opioid Withdrawal:-

144.Doc for Alcohol Withdrawal:-

145,Doc for Post Herpetic Neuralgia:- Fluphenazine

146,Doc for WEST Syndrome:-ACTH

147,Doc for Diabetic Diarrhoea:- Clonidine

148,Doc for Lithium Induced Neuropathy:-Amiloride

Doc for Communicable Disease:

149,Doc for Tetanus:-

150,Doc for Diphteria:-

151,Doc for Pertusis:-

152,Doc for Meningitis:-
MANNITOL (osmotic diuretic);
DEXAMETHASONE (anti-inflammatory);
DILANTIN/PHENYTOIN (anti-convulsive);

153,Doc for Cholera:- TETRACYCLINE

154,Doc for Amoebic Dysentery:& METRONIDAZOLE

155,Doc for Shigellosis:- CO-TRIMOXAZOLE

156,Doc for Typhoid:- CHORAMPHENICOL

157,Doc for Rabies:- LYSSAVAC, VERORAB

158,Doc for Immunoglobulins:- ERIG or HRI

159,Doc for Malaria:- CHLOROQUINE

160,Doc for Schistosomiasis:- PRAZIQUANTEL


162,Doc for Scabies:- EURAX/ CROTAMITON

163,Doc for Chicken pox:- ACYCLOVIR/ZOVIRAX

164,Doc for Leptospirosis:-

165,Doc for Leprosy:-

166,Doc for Anthrax:- PENICILLIN

167,Doc for Tuberculosis:- R.I.P.E.S.

168,Doc for Pneumonia:-

169,Doc for Helminths:-

170,Doc for Meningitis:-
DEXAMETHASONE (relieve cerebral edema) ;
DIAZEPAM (anticonvulsant);

171,Doc for Syphilis:- PENICILLIN

172,Doc for Gonorrhea:- PENICILLIN.

173,Doc for Anthrax:- Pencillin

174,Doc for Black Quarter:- Pencillin

175,Doc for Clostridial diseases in general:- Pencillin

176,Doc for Infectious necrotic hepatitis:- Pencillin

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