The forensic study of teeth.

Your front teeth

Teeth used primarily for ripping and tearing

Back teeth, you have 3. Used for crushing and grinding.

2 Teeth in front of the molars…used for crushing and grinding.

Number of teeth that an adult has

Number of teeth that a child has

Another name for “baby teeth

You can tell this from looking at teeth by how ground down the teeth are.

Three basic parts of the tooth
♥️ Cementoenamel Junction
♥️, Root

2 parts are in the Crown
♥️1. Anatomical crown (Covered with enamel)
♥️2. Clinical crown (Portion visible in oral cavity)

Cementoenamel Junction located
♥️indentation around entire tooth
♥️the junction of crown and root

Root part of the tooth
♥️Anatomical root (Covered with cementum)

Dental arch is fixed jaw
♥️Maxillary Arch

Dental arch is moveable jaw
♥️Mandibular Arch

Which arch overlaps the other arches teeth when in occlusion?
♥️The maxillary Arch overlaps mandibular teeth with in occlusion.

Arches anterior teeth are slightly smaller than the other
♥️Mandibular Arch

When looking into the patients oral cavity …..
the dental professional goes off the patients right and left.

Decidiuous teeth?
♥️Baby teeth

Function of the primary incisor teeth
♥️cut or bite into food

Function of the primary canine teeth
♥️Aids in tearing food.

Function of primary molar teeth
♥️Grind and chew food

Function of permanent incisors teeth
♥️cut or bite into food

Function of permanent canine teeth
♥️tear or rip into food

Function of permanent premolars
♥️Pulverize food by breaking it down into smaller particles

Function of permanent molars
♥️Masticate or chew food

Mixed dentition period?
♥️time period when both primary and permanent teeth are in dentition together

♥️process of “shedding” a primary tooth

Succedaneous Teeth?
♥️Permanent teeth that replace the primary teeth.

1. Mesial
2. Distal
3. Facial (Labial)
4. Lingual – Anterior, Palatal- posterior
5. Incisal
6. Buccal
7. Occulsal

The mesial surface
♥️surface toward the midline

The distal surface
♥️surface away from the midline

The facial (libial) surface
♥️Surface that the face touches lips “outside”

The ligual surface
♥️surface that touches the tongue, and on the maxillary arch often referred to as PALATAL

The incisal surface
♥️Biting or cutting edge

The Buccal surface?
♥️surface that touches the cheeks, “outside”

The Occulsal surface?
♥️Chewing surface

When does your primary teeth began eruption? what tooth is it?
♥️6-10 months old, central incisor

When do your primary teeth eruption ends? what tooth is it?
♥️24-32 months, second molar

When does your permanent tooth eruption begin and what tooth is?
♥️6-7 years, central incisor/1st molar

When does your permanent tooth eruption end? and what tooth is it?
♥️17-21 years, third molar

Arch begins eruption first
♥️Mandibular arch begins
eruption before the Maxillary arch

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