Mons Pubis;-

Elevation of adipose tissue covered by skin & coarse pubic hair


Small cylindrical mass of erectile tissue, exposed portion is the glans

Frenulum of clitoris;-

The line of union of the inner portions of the labia minora on the undersurface of the glans clitoridis.


Bartholin’s Gland;-

Mucous producing glands on each side of the vagina

Posterior Fourchette;-

A small area of tissue toward the back of the female genitals where the labia minora meet.


Area between vagina and anus


Terminal end or opening of the digestive tract to the outside of the body

Urethral Meatus;-

External opening of the urethra

Skene’s Gland;-

Tissue surrounding the urethra, involved in orgasm

Hart’s Line;-

Labia Majora;-

Covered by pubic hair, contains an abundance of adipose tissue, sebacious (oil) glands, and apocrine (sweat) glands

Labia Minora;-

2 smaller folds of skin, devoid of pubic hair & fat, has a few apocrine (sweat) glands, but many sebaceous glands.

Vagina Orifice;-

Opening of the vagina to the exterior of the body.

Posterior Introitus;-

Hymenal Ring;-

Central portion of the hymenal membrane degenerate leaving thin rim of mucous membrane at the vaginal introitus

Prepuce of Clitoris;-

Hooded skin fold of the clitoris formed by the junction of the labia minora folds.

Source;- MDSMAFE

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