Breast ;-

Modified apocrine gland for milk production and secretion

Breast Composition;-

Glandular and Fibrous (supporting) tissue embedded in fatty matrix with blood vessels, lymphatics and nerves

Breast Location;-

-In subcutanous tissue (superficial fascia), overlying the pectorals major m.
-Extends from sternum to midaxillary line and 2nd to 6th Rib

Breast Boundaries;-

-Sternum to midaxillary line
-2nd to 6th Rib

Breast Bed;-

-2/3 pectoral fascia
-1/3 fascia covering the serratus anterior


-at the prominence of breast
-4th intercostal space level


Circular pigmented area surrounding the nipple

Retromammary Space;-

-Loose connective tissue plane b/w the breast and the pectoral fascia
-Allows movement of the breast

Axillary Process of Breast;-

Extension of the breast towards the axilla

Suspensory Ligaments (Cooper Ligaments);-

-Fibrous connective tissue
-Run from dermis to the deep fascia
-Provides support for the breast

Lobules of the mammary gland;-
-Glandular tissue opening at the nipple
-Consists of aggregations of alveoli containing milk producing cuboidal cells and myoepithelial cells

Lactiferous Duct;-

Connect Lobules to the tip of the nipple

Lactiferous Sinus;-

Dilated portion of the lactiferous ducts deep to the areola that accumulates milk in the lactating mother

Breast Blood Supply;-

Medial Mammary branches
Lateral thoracic branches

Breast Blood Drainage;-

-drain to Axillary v. and some to the Internal Thoracic v.

Medial Mammary Branches;-

-from perforating branches of Internal Thoracic a. from the Subclavian a.
-Supply breast

Lateral thoracic branches;-

-from Axillary a.
-Supply breast

Breast Lymphatics;-

-Subareolar lymphatic plexus
-Axillary lymph nodes
-Parasternal lymph nodes

Subareolar lymphatic plexus;-

Carries lymph drainage from
nipples, areola and lobules

Axillary lymph nodes;-

Drain most of lateral portion of breast (>75%)
>>>to Subclavian Lymphatic Trunk
>>>to Rt Lymphatic Duct or Thoracic Duct

Parasternal lymph nodes;-

In the medial breast quadrant
Pass deeply to abdominal lymph nodes (25%)

Nerve Innervation to breast;-

Intercostal nerves (T4-T6) anterior rami and sympathetic fibers

Intercostal nerves (T4-T6);-

-Sensory information from skin of breast (Ant. Rami)
-Blood vessels in breast and smooth m. in overlying skin and nipple (Sympathetic Fiber)

Sympathetic Fiber of Intercostal nerves (T4-T6);-

-to blood vessels in breast and smooth m. in overlying skin and nipple

Anterior Rami of Intercostal nerves (T4-T6);-

-Sensory information from skin of breast

Breast Quadrants;-

For description of tumor or cyst
-Superior Lateral
-Superior Medial
-Inferior Lateral
-Inferior Medial

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