Important Diagnostic Points &

Practical Tips About Fever 🤒

1:-Fever + constipation +relative bradycardia =Typhoid

2:-Fever (3 weeks) then 10 days free +arthralgia +lymphadenopathy + History of contact with milk products =Brucella

3:-Fever+tender hepatomegaly +GIT upset =ambeobic liver abscess

4:-Fever +chills +sweats+jaundice+travelling to endemic area =malaria

5:-Fever +lymphadenopathy+history of dealing with cats =Toxoplasmosis

6:-Night Fever = T.B , lymphoma , brucella or Malaria

7:-Fever + arthritis +UTI =gonococcal or chlamydia infection

8:-Fever +strawberry tongue =scarlet fever or kowasaki disease

9:-Fever +diarrhea +Heamolytic anemia =Hemolytic uremic syndrome or TTP

10:-Fever +fatigue +lymphadenopathy +bil hilar lymphadenopathy =sarciodosis or histocytosis X

11:-Fever +relative bradycardia=Typhoid

12:-Fever +low platletes+sub conjuctival hge = Dengue fever

13:-Fever +rigidity +history of atypical anti psychotic within 1 week =Neuroleptic Malignant syndrome

14:-Fever +neck rigidty+photophopia+headache -+ agitation= meningitis

15:-Fever +headache +nick stiffness+manifestation of cerebral dysfunction(aphasia , convulsion , monoplegia or flexion U.L and extension L.L ) +- urinary incontinence=encephalitis

16:-Fever + cardiac murmer +vegetations on Echo= infected endocarditis

17:-Fever +High E.S.R >100+renal impairment+hypercalcemia in old age =multiple myeloma


Practical Tips About Fever 🤒;-

*_1. Fever with chills and rigors unless proved otherwise is Malaria, Urinary Tract Infection or Filaria._*

*_2. Malarial chills are usually in the Afternoon and Filarial chills are usually in the Evening._*

*_3. Malaria fever patients invariably will be non-toxic in between fever attacks, while Typhoid patients will be toxic._*

*_4. Fever with single episode of Chills, with chest symptoms, unless proved otherwise is Pneumococcal Pneumonia._*

*_5. Abrupt high grade fever with pain in eye movement and severe back pain is Dengue, unless proved otherwise_*

*_6. Fever with pain in joints, which improves with flexion is Chikungunya._*

*_7. In Viral Hepatitis, Jaundice will always appear after fever subsides. If patient has Fever and Jaundice together, look for other causes._*

*_8. In SLE fever, patients will always have negative CRP. Positive CRP, look for associated TB._*

*_9. Evening rise of temperature lasting more than 6 weeks invariably is TB. These patients may have mild derangement of SGOT and SGPT._*

*_10. In Dengue fever, SGOT will be more than SGPT by day 3._*

*_11. In Dengue, capillary leakage syndrome starts only after fever subsides._*

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