1- produced by process Erythropoiesis which lasts 7 days.

2- approximately 2.4 million RBCs are produced per second in human adult.

3- develop in Bone marrow and circulate about 100 to 120 days in body before recycled by macrophages.

4- Each circulation takes about 60 Sec.

5- RBCs recycled by spleen and kupffer cells in liver.

6- Women have 4 to 5 million RBCs per microliter.

7- Men have 5 to 6 million RBCs per microliter.

8. RBCs lake a cell nucleus and most orgenalls.

9- Each human RBC contains approximately 270 millions of haemoglobin molecules.

10- one haemoglobin molecule carries 8 oxygen atoms.

11- haemoglobin responsible for 98% transport of oxygen remaining oxygen is carried dissolved in blood plasma.

12- Haemoglobin O2 binding capacity is 1.36 to 1.40 ml O2 per gram Haemoglobin.

13- under normal condition in adult at rest, Haemoglobin leaving lungs with saturated O2 delivery is between 950 to 1150 ml/ min. And consumption is approximately 200 to 250 ml/ min.

14- CO2 70% converted to bicarbonate ion, 7% dissolved in blood plasma and 23% bound to Haemoglobin.

15- Haemoglobin is responsible for red colour of RBCs and O2 impart red colour to Haemoglobin.

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