💏 Kissing disease;-
Glandular fever/infectious mononucleosis

💏 kissing ulcer;-

Anterior and posterior duodenal ulcers/vulval ulcer

💏 kissing tonsils;-

Hypertrophd parenchymatous tonsils(grade 4)

💏 Kissing virus-EBV

💏 Kissing peptide-GnRH

💏 Kissing lesion-Donovanosis

💏 Kissing arthritis-TB knee

💏 Kissing appearance ;- on x-ray-Bladder papilloma

💏 Kissing arthritis : T.B. Knee

💏 Kissing lesion: Donovanosis

💏 Kissing peptide:

Gonadotropin-releasing hromone. (GnRH)

💏 Kissing Virus:

Ebrtein-Barr virus (EBV)

💏 Kissing tonsils :

Hypertrophied parenchymtous tonsils (Grade 4)

💏 Kissing Ulcer:

Anterior & posterior duodenal ulcer/ vulval ulcar

💏 Kissing disease:

Glandular fever/inferior mononucleosis

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